How hiring professional printing services benefits your business

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You may think that sending Print out is costly. But it isn’t. If you consider in-house printing, maybe you should think twice about it. If you want to advertise your brand, you don’t want to compromise with the printing quality of your documents, cards, brochures, banners, magazines, etc. Your printed documents say a lot about your company’s reputation.

A professional Sydney printing service guarantees that your print job is handled accurately and efficiently. So it’s recommended you entrust your printing tasks with professional printing services.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire professional printing services so that you can rest assured that your printing task is handled with accuracy and efficiency. In addition, it is an excellent way to take advantage of professional expertise and free up internal resources to focus on other essential tasks.

If you are still confused, then go through the following benefits that professional printing services can provide:

They Provide Better Quality and Options:

Professional printing service providers offer better printing that is high in quality compared to in-house printing. This is because they have adequate knowledge and have the latest machines to achieve higher detailed goals. Moreover, they also have many options such as lamination, surface texturing, custom frames and cuts, etc. This advanced finishing will help the Print to last longer.

Reduces Company Expenses:

However, people assume that printing by themselves lowers the cost, but they are wrong. Hiring professionals for printing services is beneficial because you will be guaranteed that the job will be done perfectly. In addition, you don’t have to set up the whole printing machinery in your workplace, eventually reducing the expenses.

Faster and Efficient:

You can save your time by hiring professional printing services. They are experts, and they complete their job in a shorter period. As a result, you don’t have to worry about anything as professionals handle your work. In addition, they have better equipment and expertise to do the job more efficiently.

More Convenient:

If you want to do in-house printing, then that is very time-consuming. Your employees do not have adequate knowledge of printing, and inks and printers are also limited in the office. The employees will take many days to understand the concept, and sometimes they may get the printing wrong which interferes with the daily operation in the office. Therefore, it is better to hire professionals because it is a more convenient option so that the employees will be free up from printing tasks and does other essential work,

Just as you can save money and cost to print, you can also save on time and effort with a professional printer. In addition, given that you are paying experts for high-quality printing, you can also expect a fast turnaround time.

With professional printing services, you will enjoy all the benefits mentioned above and advantages based on the requirements and needs of your business.

Inform Print can help you design customized promotional marketing items such as point of sale displays, print brochures and manuals, postcards and business cards, posters and presentation folders.

Four Professional Tips to Design Your Business Card

business cards design

You have only one chance to print an effective business card that can make a long-lasting impression. So why not improve your chance to impress the customers by spending time making a stylish and attractive looking business card?

At Inform Prints, our professional business card designs are simple yet powerful to rule the market, and they can make a long-lasting impression. Suppose you plan to make a professional business card from a professional designer. In that case, you should discuss your requirements, share your ideas and tips regarding how your business card will work.

Tips to Make a Business Card That Is Effective and Highly Engaging

If you are planning to make a business card for your business or want to revamp your existing card, here are some of the tips you should follow-


While doing a one-to-one meeting, your business card will be remembered for a short period after it is handed to the user. However, as the day passes by, the individual you have given the business card will not recall you or your business unless a personal note is mentioned on the card to memorize.
As mentioned, “a photograph is worth a thousand of words”. So, it is good to add a photograph to the business card, which will increase the value of your card and make others remember you easily and quickly.


The business card is used to tell others about your position in the business, your brand and most importantly, how to contact you. However, while you are printing the business cards, make sure to tell people what you want to share and what to hide. Share only the information that your business cares about and the rest should be shared online on social media platforms and through conversations.


There are various business cards design options you can choose from, and choosing the best one will make your company stand out in the crowd. Some of the trendiest designs of business cards include-

Printing on both sides of the card
Adding rounded corners
Using the card as the appointment reminder
Embossing card or applying foil

The experts suggest staying with the most common business card designs to go inside a standard cardholder. It will also match extra card embellishment choices available in the industry.


It is not necessary to add an entire resume on a business card. Your business card is like your elevator pitch, and it takes a few minutes for the person to think good or bad about your business by seeing the card. Most of the best designs of business cards have only required information on the cards, which is necessary for brands. Keep the cards simple with enough space to be easier to see at a glance.

Though people think business cards are made of plastic, they represent your business, its reputation and its important features. The key to making an appealing card for your business is to keep it simple, professional and suitable as per your business. Always consult with a professional team like Inform Prints to guide you throughout the printing procedures.

Know How Your Business Can Benefit from Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Photography, typography, motion graphics and illustration- graphic designing combines and creates all these elements into attractive images that will capture the readers’ attention, help businesses sell products and services and open new marketing channels. This is because the graphic design will help your business in several ways.

For example, if you hire Sydney graphic designers for your business, you will realise many advantages. These professionals have the talents, skills and knowledge to bring out the best and deliver the desired results that the businesses are looking for.


Helps to Build Pride and productivity

All the happy and productive workplaces have a stronghold of their brand identity. Employees accept and commit to the brand’s recognition. They feel proud to be a part of the organisation. In turn, this type of buy-in commitment leads to productive and satisfied employees. Having a good graphic design will bring about a better brand identity. It helps reflect a company’s vision that reveals the business goals on everything, from its websites and business cards to the staff’s outfits. The opposite scene also happens.

For example, if you are working in a poorly designed company, it isn’t easy to search, purchase, and read the contents on the website. In addition, if the employees are not happy with the company’s logo or even with the design of the website, it will go with the customers too.

Saving Your Time

JPG, PDF, GIF- which type of format will you need for your website’s photos and images? What about the business cards you are searching for? A skilled and experienced Sydney graphic designer knows the file format and when to use it to get the best results.

The same goes for the RGB and CMYK colour modes, paperweights and uses of the same type of CMS being used and whether your website is scaled up properly and has enough colour contrast that it can be easy to read.

Helps to Save Money

If you have a limited budget for business promotion, it might interfere with selecting a good graphic designing company. Cheap design means poor quality of design. Even some brands claim to provide the best graphic designing service at a low price; for those, make sure you check your portfolio and reviews before hiring.

Indeed, changes and delays will generally cost you money. For example, you might have made a cheap logo from a company, and you end up spending more in the future in editing and making another one.

Keep The Customers Attracted

One of the best things about choosing a well-reputed and professional graphic designer is that the expert will design the graphics as per your business needs. If the promotional items like banners, logos, and website are attractive, it is quite possible, and these will help get more clients.

Apart from these benefits, graphic designing helps strengthen the brand and helps build strong communication with customers.

Want to make a new logo for your business or make online promotional items for your brand? Choose services from Inform Prints.

An Exciting Logo Can Boost Your Brand’s Visibility By At Least Two Times: Find Out How Now!!

business card maker

Business cards for a long time were the standard medium for introducing or beginning a business relationship. It communicates your identity and intends for the recipient to have something to remember your business should they have a need for it. A good business card also aids in creating a good first impression, which is exceptionally conducive to facilitating a smooth working relationship.

However, due to its importance and nature of usage, there are a few things that good business card makers must keep in mind to ensure their clients get the best chance to further their business: A excellent and unique logo, good print, uncluttered usage of space, and the feel and texture of the card in your hand.

An engaging logo

A logo is the face of your company and one of the most recognizable aspects of any company apart from its name. A logo is not a brand; instead, a logo is a part of the brand identity that helps increase the company’s visibility. Therefore, a logo is critical for any business because it communicates identity, ownership, values, and quality. Also, your logo is printed on all your modes of official communication, brand products, websites, and most importantly, in the hearts of your clients.

How do you create a good logo?

Easy to interpret and understand to quickly connect with your audience. This is essential to ensure a sharp impression is created. The logo also needs to be clear and simple enough to be used across media platforms and effective in any size.

Careful thought should go into the designing of your logo because it is meant to communicate exactly who you are.
Business cards exchange hands a lot, and it is hard to make something to catch everyone’s attention, but there are some aspects that you can keep an eye on simple colours, strong visual elements, and great typography.

4 reasons why a logo is so important:

Reveals your identity and is an attention grabber: You only have 2 seconds to grab someone’s attention. A great logo can grab your client’s attention and communicate what you and your company are about in a way that creates lasting attention. Being imprinted on all your mediums of communication, your logo communicates ownership.

Sets you aside from the competition and ensures you stand out: Needless to say, your logo differentiates you from your competitors and helps convey your uniqueness to the world. A well-designed logo can also speak volumes about a company’s background and mission.

Facilitates brand loyalty: A logo is paramount to fostering brand loyalty. It is the most recognizable aspect in any customer’s mind—for instance, Nike’s tick or Adidas’ signature three-gapped stripes.

Recognizability: Your logo is the very first thing that your potential audience will search for when they see any communications from your brand.

At Informprint, we believe that as a company providing printing solutions for nearly 20 years, we have the know-how to meet the printing needs of all our clients. Our extensive experience allows us the chance to become a one-stop-shop for all our client’s printing needs and promotional marketing products. We leverage the technology to provide high-quality printing and cost-saving solutions for our clients. Visit our website to know more about how we can help you will your company’s printing requirements.

Exploring the Contents to Put Up In a Business Card

Business cards design

Indeed, a business card is a popular and essential communication tool used in networking and administration, even in the digital age. Having an extraordinary business card design gives authenticity to you and your business. Moreover, it is a fast and simple method for exchanging information and can offer ways of advancing your work. Mentioned below are a few important pieces of information that need to be put up on your business card.

ID and contact information

No matter how you decide to create the design of your business card, it should consist of the basics. All those beautiful designs and prints are of no use if there is no real information to identify the source. Think of this like a fantastic website that loads slowly. You will ignore it and move on to the next one.

There are a few essential elements that every business card should consist of:

  • Name and business name
  • The basic contact information like email address and phone number
  • Your designation
  • Address of your business or work location
  • Website URL of your business (if any)
  • A visual representation of your profession

Leave an extraordinary impression on your new connections by using an image that perfectly portrays what you do or your work on the card itself. Although it can be a little trickier for other professions, it is quite popular among creative professionals. Go for an image that’s sharp and easy to understand at a small size. Make sure that your card conveys the message you are trying to say.

Make it colourful

Make your business card stand out by using thick paper with a colour edge. Since most business cards will probably be on the thinner side and have a white edge, as most people do this to save a few bucks. A thicker card with a colour edge will create a lot more impact on your potential client and will be easier to find in those endless stacks of cards that get collected at a professional level.

A call to action or promo

Put up a call to action or promo code for a product or service you are offering. This will help in engaging your potential clients with your card. In addition, a tempting call to action or promo can at least drive some traffic to your website, so why not try it out?

Don’t overstuff

Do not overstuff your business card with too much information. This creates chaos and leaves a cheap impression on the recipient. Instead, eliminate unnecessary information from your card and instead leave some white space. It allows the card recipient to write down important information that they might need later.

Last but not the least

Don’t hesitate to go creative and make a great impression with a robust business card design that allows people to know who you are and what you care about. Using high-quality paper and printing techniques strengthens that impression.

If you are looking forward to getting a business card for yourself, then you can get in touch with the team of Inform Print. They are experts in the field and use cutting edge technology to design business cards.

Tips to Choose Online Printers in Australia for Business Promotional Needs

online printers

While you are choosing an online printing company for your business, you should pay attention to various factors. First, find out what you expect from the custom online printers in Australia, for instance.

Be clear about the specific needs of your business. Also, find out how much you can afford to spend on the printing services for your company. Ensure that the printer you are choosing is highly reliable and capable of delivering the best product on-demand and on time. Think about the service medium, whether online or local; you want to choose.

Most successful businesses now opt for online printing as it is much more convenient, affordable and easy to avail. Apart from all these factors, be sure that the printing products you are getting are of good quality. Opt for the service provider who knows the latest print techniques and has worked in this field for many years.

If you are confused, you should ask people for recommendations and suggestions who will guide you in picking the best online printer for your business. In this blog, you will know about the various tips to check while looking for a reputed online printer for your business promotion needs.

Tips That Will Help You in Finding the Best Printers

Types of Services Needed

At first, need to start realising what type of service you want. You might have certain plans and strategies in mind about printing, which will help you select the best printer in the area. It is good to be clear about the specific needs to keep everything going smoothly and perfect as planned.

Affordability Also Be Considered

After you have realised your business needs, you should consider how much you can expect from the printing company. Every business has its requirements and budget for promotions. If you have not estimated the budget earlier, you might spend too much on the printing. If you have a printing budget, do discuss it with the experts to deliver the best. The entire process of printing and type of printing depends upon the budget.

Reliability of Services

One of the important points to keep in mind while you are choosing online printers in Australia or from other locations is to find out whether the experts are reliable or not. Reliability is the key when you are choosing an online service provider. For this, you should go through the reviews and portfolio of the company before you hire the same.

Quality of The Services

Now, after determining the reliability, budget, and type of services a printing company offers, make sure that you check the quality of printing products that the printer is delivering you. Whether you are looking for logos, signage or posters, all should be of great quality.

Hopefully, all these points will be helpful for you to pick the best printer for your business needs. If you are looking for a trusted printing company, consult with the Inform Prints team that delivers high-quality printing products on demand.

Important Tips to Follow When Choosing Sydney Graphic Designers

Sydney graphic designers

In this competitive world, having a unique logo and website is one of the most critical roles that help businesses stand out from the competition. Whether you have a big company or have just started your new venture, a unique website, logo, and banner will make your brand distinct from the others. In addition, a graphic designing service is a medium that helps your company to communicate with customers.

These days, several companies hire creative Sydney graphic designers to help them re-brand or assist in the marketing campaign. If you are a novice business owner and searching for a graphic designing expert, you can get help from the reputed companies in Sydney like Inform Prints that will cover all your printing needs.

How You Will Choose the Sydney Graphic Designing Professional

Find Out the Services That You Are Looking For

Before you choose an experienced and talented graphic designer, you should determine your needs. It is very important to figure out why you are choosing an agency to do the graphic designing task for your brand. For example, if you want to do a direct marketing campaign, you should choose an agency with expertise in direct marketing services.

On contrary, if you are willing to make a captivating brand story, you will need a creative agency that has a strong and creative copywriting team. Every firm has a core team in which they strive their best. Hence, first, find what you want from the design company and select.

Do an Extensive Research

After you find out their needs and choices, the next step is to do extensive research online or ask for references to help you pick the best agency that fulfils all the needs. You can ask your friends or anyone knew who have previously taken help from a design company, or you can do research online to find out the most reputed names nearby. For example, you can hire Sydney graphic designers as they have many years of working experience in this field and knowledge and skills.

Crucial to Check the Portfolio

After you do extensive research to find the best companies near you who will help you bring out the best graphic designing services, you should check the portfolio. This will help you have an idea about the type of services the experts do. In addition, the portfolio will give you an idea of the intensity of hard work they do and how much they are passionate about bringing out the best possible results.

Business Card: The First Impression Of Your Business

business card maker

A good first impression is critical for any relationship to flourish, be it a business relationship or one of a more personal nature. For business, a first impression immediately initiates a mental evaluation of the other party and the assessment of whether they suit your tastes or if they would be beneficial for your business. A good business card is the first step in establishing and creating that first impression. Thus, finding a good business card maker requires a careful evaluation of your needs and expectations and creating a framework for the kind of impression you seek to make.

The design of the card, its feel, texture, alignment, and information on offer are aspects that individual notices when receiving someone’s business card. Thus, these details are carefully evaluated and tailored to make the impression that you want. Of course, this doesn’t always succeed and depends on so many different factors as well as the character and nature of the other party. Nevertheless, it is a statement of intent and a portrayal of yourself and what your business stands for.

Here are a few things to note when designing your business card:

  • Finding a template that best describes your organization: Your business card is an extension of yourself and your business. As such, it is meant to give the recipient an idea of the person you are and what kind of business relationship and services they can expect from you.
  • Settle on a perfect size, shape, and texture: The size, shape and texture are optimized and customized to reflect your business etiquette, type of services, attention to detail, and other such traits. It highlights your attention to detail and is meant to convey to the recipient your taste and nature of business conduct,
  • Organize your information: Ultimately, your business is conveying your services. Therefore, the information on it has to relay the type of service you provide, the nature of the product you’re introducing to the recipient, and lastly, your contact details. This information should be easy to read and yet cover all the bases.
  • Finding the right typeface: If you use a particular font or style on your marketing details or your website or app, this should be used on your business card.
  • Maximize your logo: A logo represents your brand. It is the face and represents all that you care about. Hence, a portion of your card should be dedicated to your logo.
  • Make sure it is not cluttered, and the space is not overused: A cluttered card is no different from an advert. This should not be the case. Be precise as to the information provided.
  • Offer something additional: This can encourage clients to take the next step. A special offer, a business trip, or even a discount can be considered.
  • Check thoroughly before initiating printing: This is mandatory to avoid misrepresenting yourself or appearing sloppy in front of your clients.

At Informprint, we place a high priority on catering to our client’s needs, no matter the detailing involved. For over two decades, this has helped us expand our services to include business stationery and promotional products. We manage projects that require the coordination of many different facets relating to printing and storage distribution. We provide an array of services to provide an overall service for our clients. Contact us now to allow us to cater to all your printing needs.

A printing service to take your operations to the next level

A managed printing service is critical for the smooth functioning of any organisation. Despite modern digitisation, whether its forms, receipts, blanks, brochures, letterheads, business cards, or adverts, a business that provides printing services will always be in demand. However, as each organisation has their own unique needs, the printing service works on each one on an individual basis to design and produce materials that meet their specific requirements and budget. Certified and reputable printing service in Sydney is widely sought-after not only for their printing needs but also for their expertise in graphic design. This includes layouts for flyovers, the creation of logos, or brand development.

A printing consignment is not done as we assume, which is just printing copies that only exist in softcopy format. Instead, it involves a more complicated process:

The three stages are as follows:

Pre-press: Page layout, preparing editorials and ad materials, and making film plates.

Press or Output: Prepare, make ready, colour in, and print.

Post-press or finishing:

  1. Fold, trim, and bind printed sheets into their final form
  2. Bind appropriately and prepare finished pieces for sale
  3. Pack for final distribution

A managed printing service can supply everything from office stationery to printed t-shirts for office events. From obvious materials such as manuals and marketing materials to less-obvious ones like memo pads and maps and t-shorts, a managed printing service helps to meet all these demands.

Types of Printing Services:

Digital Printing:

This process uses high-resolution digital-based files to produce the image on paper. This is in opposition to traditional offset printing that relies on giant metal sheets that host the image. The benefits offered are the following:

Easier to print in small quantities:

Digital printing is ideal for small orders, and it releases a faster output as well.

Allows for more variations:

In the case of variable prints on different pages, digital printing is the print of choice as it allows for more flexibility.

Turn-around time:

Digital printing offers a faster print and a quicker turn-around.

Sheet-fed Printing:

Sheet-fed printing involves having a continuous print that skips all the manually feeding sheets of paper or continuous feed that can be cut as needed. Sheet-fed printing uses rolls of paper already present to continue feeding into a web printer and then cutting it when the printing is over. Sheet-fed printing is ideal for Letterheads, stationery, Business cards, flyers, brochures, and custom forms. The benefits include:

  1. Ideal for high-quality work required in a timely fashion
  2. Speciality finished with varnish, aqueous solution, and UV
  3. Flexibility
  4. Speed

Web offset printing:

This involves continuous rolls of paper being fed through a printing press. This type of printing involves having to print the image you require onto a plate, which is then pressed onto a rubber blanket rolled on the material. The benefits include:

  1. Ideal for large scale printing projects
  2. Consistency in quality
  3. Speedy results
  4. Pantone colour matching
  5. Flexibility
  6. Cost-effectiveness

At Inform-Print, we take special care to ensure customer satisfaction. We provide a wide array of services that cater to a wide range of client requirements. We remain a trusted partner for our customers and contribute to a sustainable environment. We analyse our client’s needs in relation to their businesses and uniquely tailor a solution to suit their requirements. We invite you to take great advantage of our products and services by visiting our website today!!

Business Cards Design: Crucial Things To Keep In Mind

business cards design

Business cards have been around as a part of any entrepreneur’s self-promotion toolkit. They are an essential part of your brand’s identity. The exchanging of cards is an age-old tradition in the business world. 

Business cards serve as a physical reminder that you have met someone in person. That means it can lead to more business or renewed connections. However, while generic business cards are inexpensive, some worry that the cost of custom cards can be high.  

To make your business cards design stand out at Inform Print, let us jot down the essential tips for designing a business card. 

Professionals are best to work with 

The small piece of a business card is not just a means to give someone your contact information. It is a reminder of your business and what it represents. 

Maybe you do not have the right skill to design one yourself. That does not mean that you have to fall behind. Make sure that you work with someone professional. Remember, business cards make the first impression about your business. A skilled professional can create a card that is attractive enough to boost your organization’s professionalism. 

Simple designs lead to great results   

All in all, your business card must have easy-to-read and accurate contact information about your business. If your potential partners or clients cannot find you quickly, there is no point in investing in a business card. So, make sure that your business card has essential information on it. Besides, you ought to keep the design as minimal as possible. 

Choose the content wisely 

When it comes to designing a business card, you may be thinking about what information you should include there. The content you cannot afford to miss out on is your business name, logo, designation, address, phone number, and social media handles. 

If there is extra space, you may add other ways to connect with you. However, try and keep whatever you choose brief. 

Using the space properly 

Careful planning of how you intend to use your business card’s space is a must. The space of your business card must be utilized properly and well-structured. You may want to go for two-sided cards, or it may be better that your card has only one side. As a business owner, the decision is up to you. 

Your business card serves as a powerful initial contact point for your brand. So, you want to invest some time to make sure yours is accurate and attractive. At Inform Prints, we help you design an eye-catchy business card for your brand that enables you to stand out. So, why not contact us if you are planning to create one?