Four Professional Tips to Design Your Business Card

You have only one chance to print an effective business card that can make a long-lasting impression. So why not improve your chance to impress the customers by spending time making a stylish and attractive looking business card?

At Inform Prints, our professional business card designs are simple yet powerful to rule the market, and they can make a long-lasting impression. Suppose you plan to make a professional business card from a professional designer. In that case, you should discuss your requirements, share your ideas and tips regarding how your business card will work.

Tips to Make a Business Card That Is Effective and Highly Engaging

If you are planning to make a business card for your business or want to revamp your existing card, here are some of the tips you should follow-


While doing a one-to-one meeting, your business card will be remembered for a short period after it is handed to the user. However, as the day passes by, the individual you have given the business card will not recall you or your business unless a personal note is mentioned on the card to memorize.
As mentioned, “a photograph is worth a thousand of words”. So, it is good to add a photograph to the business card, which will increase the value of your card and make others remember you easily and quickly.


The business card is used to tell others about your position in the business, your brand and most importantly, how to contact you. However, while you are printing the business cards, make sure to tell people what you want to share and what to hide. Share only the information that your business cares about and the rest should be shared online on social media platforms and through conversations.


There are various business cards design options you can choose from, and choosing the best one will make your company stand out in the crowd. Some of the trendiest designs of business cards include-

Printing on both sides of the card
Adding rounded corners
Using the card as the appointment reminder
Embossing card or applying foil

The experts suggest staying with the most common business card designs to go inside a standard cardholder. It will also match extra card embellishment choices available in the industry.


It is not necessary to add an entire resume on a business card. Your business card is like your elevator pitch, and it takes a few minutes for the person to think good or bad about your business by seeing the card. Most of the best designs of business cards have only required information on the cards, which is necessary for brands. Keep the cards simple with enough space to be easier to see at a glance.

Though people think business cards are made of plastic, they represent your business, its reputation and its important features. The key to making an appealing card for your business is to keep it simple, professional and suitable as per your business. Always consult with a professional team like Inform Prints to guide you throughout the printing procedures.

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