Know the Importance of High-Quality Printing Service for Business

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Making amazing content for your new business campaign is useless if you do not have digital or offset printing facilities. Generally, the quality of printing materials includes posters, banners, and brochures that reflect the quality of business in the potential customer’s mind. In most cases, the quality of printing will make the first impression in the mind of the clients. The use of poor-quality banners and logos for the business will reflect the untrustworthy business, not a place that customers will recommend to their relatives for friends.

Now talking about choosing the best Sydney printing service for your business, you can get lots of choices in the market. However, if you want to have a great experience of printing, the very first thing to consider is to go through the reviews or testimonials of the clients who have placed the orders from the printing company. You should also check out the work samples online from their websites to get an idea regarding the services they offer. Graphic designing is one of the major services the business always looks for.

Promoting the business through printing materials like brochures, posters, and banners is one of the best ways to attract clients. Using professional quality ink and wide formatting printing is very important to make eye-catching printing content.

Here are major reasons why professional printing service is mandatory for your business-

Have Higher Engagement

Websites are indeed affected by skim reading, and an average person takes less than 15 seconds to visit the website page. However, the fact is that the retention rates are higher in the printing marketing tools. High-quality printing for your business and other promotional items is imperative to ensure a high retention rate. Dull colors and blurred letters are common printing errors that leave the customers uninterested in buying goods and services.

Use of Personalization

In the world of fast-paced consuming goods, customized products are the key to making your business stay ahead of competitors. Using high-quality printing has already gained global success for the marketing campaign for major corporations, including Coca-Cola.

Office Printing Service

Buying commercial printers is a major significant as many high-quality printers are available in the market. You should first know how the business grows and change over the years and how it affects the printing needs. Printing that depends upon in-house marketing, tables, and graphs uses high-quality printing services.


Having a good quality printed copy makes a good impression of your business in the mind of the customers. Hence if you want to establish the business’s credibility, it is essential to have customized and good quality professional Sydney printing services.

High-quality printing service is the best way to enhance brand image and send a clear picture of professionalism and quality to the customers. With professional and affordable printing solutions from Inform Print, you can get effective printing solutions for your business.

Importance of Business Cards in the digital world

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Business cards want to be the sole thanks to sharing contact detail before the emergence of the digital world. But the days have changed. There are several digital resources to remain connected and share with your prospects.

We don’t deny the very fact that digital tools like content management systems, email marketing platforms, smartphones, or social media have made life more organized and connected. Yet, a well-crafted card design is often a strong tool to network or promote your business person to person.

Whether it’s your best inexpensive card or the common one, business card makers are the most accurate and fastest tool for exchanging information and establishing a connection when it involves physical interaction.

Are you continued to not convince that the visiting cards are relevant to staying connected? Then, allow us to delve deeper into why business cards are still appropriate during this digital era.

Make Real Connection at Point of Contact with Business Cards

The visiting cards have always been typical in small business networking. It’s the primary tangible impression of your company or brand. Therefore, exchanging contact information and another detail face-to-face is considered more professional and powerful than any Smartphone.

Whether business cards are cheap or free, you’ll even turn an inexpensive card into a highly engaging marketing tool. A good card printing service is that the key to your successful business. We will make your card design alluring with our range of perfect custom design templates. It also includes premium cardstock, recycled paper stock, and attractive finishes if you’ve got creativity.

Create a Solid Impression at Your First Meeting

You can do tons more together with your card than simply sharing the contact info or personal detail. Once you choose the proper color balance, great finishes like metallic, spot UV, gloss, chump, or matte die-cut finishes, and premium card stock quality for your visiting cards, you create a solid first impression for your business.

A good card does what you would like to present to your clients. But, unfortunately, the email or digital tools don’t offer the private vibe you can only understand once you meet and fork over the cardboard face to face.

Look Genuine and Professional with Business Cards

Only the reputed businesses win the trust of the people. Are you able to approach people together with your thoughts and concepts through the mail, and albeit you, does one think that your mail will be read? There’s little or no chance of getting a click on your mail if you send it without referring to the prospect. Half your work is completed once you fork over a card because it creates a subtle impression about you and your business.

When you provide a well-written unique card, it shows your prospect how you treat your business, your seriousness towards it, and therefore the authenticity of your business. As a result, people get an assurance that they’re going to be treated well. Therefore, nothing else can beat the likes and benefits of handing out a calling card face to face.

Inform Print offer the very best level of service to our clients without compromising on quality and take care of an easy-to-deal-with infrastructure that gives a comprehensive range of cost-effective products and services.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Professional Graphic Designers from Sydney

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Whether you have an established brand or started a new business online, graphic designing is the best way to take your business to a new level. Hiring Sydney graphic designers will help you make eye-catching and attractive graphics for your online business presence. You can make the perfect logo, YouTube thumbnail, or even the banner for your business promotion with graphic designing. The importance of hiring graphic designers is vast, and no business can ignore their benefits.

So, if you want to strengthen your brand, grab the attention of more online customers, and make your business successful in the upcoming days, hiring a graphic designer is the best option. In this article, you will know the major reasons to hire a professional designer for your business. Keep on reading to know more-

Saving Your Time

You have enough work in your hand already, and then if you have to concentrate on the design work, you might end up jumbling everything but not getting the desired outcome. For example, are you struggling to make out time to design a logo, brochure, or PowerPoint template for your business? The graphic designer here will come up with the right design format that will help in the best marketing technique, and also, the task will be completed in less time than yours.

Save Your Money on Designing

The Sydney graphic designer knows the best possible way to design the materials keeping the printing cost low as a minimum. By the time you can make the layout with Microsoft Publisher, the designer will be able to design a complete file in the graphic suite of software that the printers will not be having an issue with.

Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition is by taking help from the graphic designer. Currently, all the businesses are trying hard to make a distinct position in the crowd, and for this, they bring out innovative ideas for promotion and advertisement. Making banners, logos, and posters for brand promotion helps your business to keep apart from others. This is only possible by taking help from the graphic designer who will guide you for business promotion in a unique way.

Provide A New Perspective Approach

The best graphic designers generally spend several years getting the certificate to build their resumes and portfolios. Apart from these, the experts have worked with lots of clients. They leverage their knowledge and expertise to bring a new perspective approach to the business. The professionals will help provide the best solutions and identify the challenges that might occur in the path.

Help You to Attain Desired Results

Each business has its own desired requirements and budget. If you want to have a particular set of designs for your business, you can share your requirements with the experts to provide the results that you like.

These are some of the major reasons you need to hire a graphic designer from a reputed designing company like Inform Prints. Want to design brochures, logos, and banners for your business? Consult the team from Inform Prints now.

Top 5 Professional Business Card Design Rules to Follow According to Graphic Design Experts

A business card signifies the step towards making your small business dream a reality. For potential customers, it is also the first interaction they will have with your brand. Hence, make sure it is a professional and strong one. A thoughtfully designed business card does more than describing your brand. Not only does it make you look professional, but it also helps to build trust for customers. In fact, it sets your business apart from the competition. However, before you start handing over cards to everyone you meet, ask yourself:

  • What makes a business card?
  • How can you make it unique?
  • How would you want it to bring in more businesses?

The answer is by carefully considering the business information you incorporate and the way you present it.

Choose a template that matches your brand’s personality

Your business card speaks volumes about your brand. So be sure to pick a design that matches your brand’s persona. If in doubt, consider seeking professional assistance. Take a look at Inform Print’s website for further information.

Find the right font

If there is a specific font you have been using on your website or other marketing tools, include that in your business card. The font you choose must represent your brand, and it must be easy to read.

Settle on size and shape

The orientation of your business card influences text size and the amount of information you are allowed to include. Moreover, it makes a statement about your brand.

Most professional business cards are rectangular. Customers are familiar with this format, so it is a safe choice. However, if you want your brand to stand out, consider creating a square shape card featuring rounded corners or vertical orientation.

Organise the data

Your business card should include everything your customers need to contact you, locate your shop, and find you online. Add your business name, contact number, website & email address along with social media handles. Please make sure you add all of this information so customers can contact you in whatever way they feel most comfortable.

A business card is incomplete without the logo, the name, secondary information, including email addresses and phone numbers. You can always modify the visual flow by setting an element’s size, changing its location or adding extra white space.

Maximise your logo

Your business card is more than contact information. In fact, it is a representation of your brand. Therefore, before creating new business cards, you must consider two crucial design components: the finalized logo and the brand colours. These elements are the most significant parts of visual branding.

A business card is all about the logo. Consider dedicating one side of the card solely to your brand’s logo. As a visual symbol of your brand, it deserves a prominent place that will immediately grab the attention of your potential customers.

Inform Print is a leading graphic and logo design company, aiming to focus solely on customers’ graphic design needs. Call us today, if you are looking for best-in-class business card design solutions at an affordable price.

Three Major Advantages of Using Business Cards Printing Services for Your Brand

Business Cards Printing

In this digital world, one might think that business cards are no more in use. However, that is certainly not the case, as business cards can still strengthen your business networking. Brand owners opt for business cards printing services as the cards facilitate and encourage people to contact the business successfully. Unlike business cards, business cards are developed for tender business purposes, such as asking someone to visit you or contact you in person. The business cards contain details about you and your company’s basics that give people an idea about your brand. To help you understand better, three major advantages of using business cards are as follows.

Easy to Distribute and Display Your Brand

The business cards mainly focus on your details such as your email, phone number, address and basic information about your brand. It is impossible to provide your contact details to a person without a hard copy of it. They might forget the name or the address you might have probably mentioned in your last meeting or call. The card assimilates the details in one place. You can hand it out to people you wish to see again for official purposes. People find it easier to contact you with the help of your card. They either email you, call you or drop by your office to discuss business. Ensure that all your details mentioned on the business cards are correct and that you have approved of it.

Act as a tangible reminder 

Business cards are the physical reminder of your brand that reminds others of your business identity. The cards are constant and are far more visible than email or online details. When you leave a business card with people, they will surely try to pull out all the details about your brand. If they find your brand appealing, then they will visit you and continue with the business. Besides that, business cards are great for setting appointments as well. If people wish to meet you during office hours, they can do so if you have left your business card with them. This also gives you an idea that they might drop by to meet you.

Easy to Carry

Another significant advantage of getting yourself business cards is that they are easy to carry. While you leave for a conference meeting or other official outings, you can carry some of the cards without any difficulty. You might meet someone perfect for your business purposes, and to seize the opportunity, you can provide them with your visiting card. This showcases your professionalism and makes them aware of your brand identity.

These are the three main advantages why you should hire services for printing visiting cards for your brand. If you need help with printing business cards for business, then you should choose the services of Inform Prints and their team of experts. They take care of your requirements and meet all your printing purposes at the end of the day.

Important Things To Consider While Designing A Professional Brochure

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How do you want to make the brochures that are worth keeping? 

Designing a brochure is a tricky task especially if you want to create a design that will have a lasting impression on the mind of the recipient. An effective brochure design is important for making a perfect design with the accessible product and the service information printed. The more useful the brochure is, the longer its life with the user and the higher the chance it can pass to the customers. 

The brochure design service is limited to just the images and layout you want to see. Rather, it is the perfect mixture of elements that works together in harmony and makes the brochure effective in all senses. Some of the factors that should be kept in mind while designing the brochure include the elements like contents, the fonts, the type of paper to be used, and the printing quality. If you are planning to make a brochure for your business promotion, here are some of the things that should be kept in mind-

Know About Your Purpose Of Making The Brochures

The very first step while you are designing the brochure is to know your objectives. This will overall determine how the marketing of the brochure will work. For example, in which segment are you targeting to distribute the brochures? Will the brochure will be distributed by hand or sent through the mail? What benefit that you expect after spreading this brochure? Giving all these answers to yourself will help you to design the brochure of your choice further. 

Know About the Brochure Folding

One of the crucial features of the brochure is its folding. These folds generally control how the product and service information gets presented to the recipients. Hence, choosing the right type of brochure fold is challenging. You should choose the right type of folding in the brochure and the way it will be sent to the recipients. Reputed printing companies now discuss the requirement with the customers regarding how many folds to be made from the brochure.

Review The Design First

Many people think that content in the brochure is the main thing, but it is not always the case. Content is indeed crucial, but how it is presented to the readers is also important. Review the design regarding the design; is it providing enough information that will overwhelm the reader? Is the information too short? Generally, concise writing on the brochure is an effective way to make the brochure design. You should also check the grammar and spelling checks on the brochure before the final printing. 

Choose The Right Quality of Fonts and Pictures

Choosing the right quality of fonts is very important and also choosing the high-resolution pictures. The font denotes how the design will be visible to the readers, and the pictures will provide a detailed visualization of your business. 

Hence, while you are designing the brochure, make sure that you have all the factors in mind discussed above. In addition, always choose professional printers like Inform Prints that deliver the best quality printing services.

Why Socially-Conscious Design Trend has become So Popular in 2021?

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Designing, notwithstanding the medium, is intimately connected with culture. Representing people or brands creates a remarkable influence on the market and medium Every business is trying to stay ahead of the competition, and marketing is necessary for that. Design is integral to marketing, and when it becomes socially conscious, the outcomes are bound to reflect the same. At a Sydney design agency, you can witness this development. 

The power of a visual representation is massive 

It is a well-known fact that a picture or visual representation can easily explain things that cannot be done only with words. Hence, graphic design had been helping people express themselves for a long time, and the trend will continue well into the future. What has become crucial at this time is the necessity to understand the premise and its impact beyond marketing. Using the right design has always been integral to a marketing endeavor, but there are other aspects of the matter. When social issues start influencing major design trends, it is time to notice the changes and understand their impact. 

The changes that are influencing trends and markets 

For a long time, the world was obsessed with a one-dimensional representation of people and cultures. That trend is changing rapidly and will continue in the same vein because the world recognizes the possibilities, and brands are pushing boundaries. Authentic representation of people, culture, practices are being used for creating compelling content. Attractive designs have always formed the perfect foil for content and attracted more people; that trend is now coming to focus more. 

Your way of getting authentically represented 

If you belong to a particular indigenous community and want your business to show that off clearly, then authentic representation is necessary. You may not be a professional with the essential skills and expertise to create the designs and get them printed. However, you need assistance from someone who understands the importance of proper representation. The designer or designing service provider you are hiring should defer to your knowledge and expertise for the representation part. This will include color scheme and shapes, depending on the details you want on your logo or product, or website. The primary concern of authentic representation is understanding the premise. 

Seeking the assistance of a competent team of professionals 

Whether you are getting visiting cards printed or some posters for your business and want it to have elements of your culture, tradition, belief, and practices, you need someone who understands the premise. Look for a team of professionals who have been in the field of printing and graphic designing for a long time and understand these nuances in the most intricate manner.

Authentic representation in design matters 

People are returning to their roots; they are finding out who they are, which is providing them with a sense of belonging. Getting to see that in designs is influencing and empowering them. Hence, the trend is becoming popular. At Inform Print, you can experience authentic representation the way you envisioned because we are a team of professionals having years of experience in the field. For further queries, please get in touch with them today. 

Discover the Perfect Choice of Business Card

• Professional business cards

Getting a business card is not that hard. With the advancement of technology, even someone without any previous experience or ideas of what they want can get this done. There are websites that will allow you to design your business card and then get them printed. An online process can be fast and cost-effective however you miss out on many years of experience in design and business card production by not going to Inform Print. There can be a remarkable difference between a professionally made business card using a graphic designer and having a product development manager involved.

The factors you must consider before making any decision

In your quest to find the most suitable solution for all your business stationery needs, there are many companies to choose from. Some are well-known and revered names in the industry, and some are new, whoever you choose it will be necessary to make an informed decision that will benefit you and your company. What you choose for your business stationery is important and include the following considerations?

  • How many years of experience in the printing industry?
  • Is there a focused and extensive product knowledge?
  • Will you have a dedicated product manager available to discuss your printing needs
  • Cost-effective design and print
  • A quality product on time every time
  • A company that is easy to deal with

Getting the perfect solution is possible through Inform Print

It is no accident that many of our clients have been with us for almost 30 years. We are easy to deal with a company with a hands-on approach towards customer service. We work hard for one box of business cards or a complete package that can include print management storage and distribution.

Talk to us today you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease we are to deal with.

How Important Is Graphic Design for Your Business?

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No doubt you are aware of what graphic design is. However, do you truly understand the significance of graphic design in business? If you believe that your business can thrive without compelling communications, it is time to think again.

There is a need to visually communicate your products & services, their benefits, and differentiators to your target audiences and customers

The main reason why graphics attract people is essentially due to their speed of absorption. This is a vital element of consideration if you want to take your business to a new level of success.

Custom logo

A custom logo establishes your brand’s credibility, supports brand recognition, and gives your company an impactful position in the market. While there are many factors to creating an impactful logo, a significant impact on your logo’s success is its colour palette.

Your choice of colour scheme is vital in determining how audiences may interpret your business. If you have heard of colour theory, you may know that certain colour combinations tend to create distinct perceptions and elicit emotions. Learning about the market trends and understanding what colours your consumers respond to make a huge difference.


Owing to the psychological effects that your brand has on prospects, your advertisements must follow a similar set of guidelines. Among a sea of well-crafted advertisements, a poorly designed ad will quickly go unnoticed. The chances that your ad will convert prospective buyers without a vital graphic element, a hero image, and a clear call to action is rare. In advertising, your brand’s essence speaks volumes.

Packaging design

Since most buyers tend to shop with their eyes, a product sitting on a store shelf can only be considered as good as its packaging. The package’s appeal can be reflected through the expertise and skills of an experienced graphic design company.

Any product that you plan to launch should be well-designed with your target audience’s taste, aesthetic, needs and wants in mind so that your brand can quickly grab their attention. It makes sense to leave a lasting impression on your audiences’ minds through the packaging. It should be developed by expert graphic designers that understand branding well. For your business to compete in the market, it needs to convince its customers through effective packaging.


A strategically focused website is bound to attract, engage, and convert prospects. Creating a successful website is impossible without considering the user’s experience. Your business website must be intuitive. Clear messaging and a conveniently positioned call to action is the key.

For your business to engage new customers dynamically and the existing ones, make sure that your website is visually exciting and easy to use.

Inform Print is the answer to all your graphic design needs. We are keen to provide promotional marketing solutions and print management techniques at an affordable price. Contact us if you have further queries.

How the Colourless Design is Inspiring Sydney Graphic Designers to Revolutionise the Industry?

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In the last few years, the print world has become vibrant by embracing several color trends, including the bold neon. But in this spectrum of colors and with the strategic use of brighter than bright colors across various platforms, remaining muted can be a welcome relief for the human eye and create a nice, relaxed feel for the clients you are trying to attract. Sydney Graphic Designers in NSW have been instrumental in this for quite some time.  However, 2021, is showing another way altogether.

The latest color trend dominating 2021 and maybe beyond

In this world of multiple loud colors, 2021 is going old school and choosing to be colorless. The world has gotten very fast, ultra-sensational, and in-your-face in the last few years. In such a situation, a small business or start-up thinking about competing with the more prominent names in the market should think strategically. Many of your competitors are most likely using many colors as part of their marketing strategy including their website or logo. This practice is often a distraction that takes away from your communication and key messages.  It can be better to go the other way and design something that is muted and colorless. 2020 was already moving towards a muted palette, and 2021 has taken things up a few notches to the simple look and style of black and white.

The stark difference is what is catching people’s attention

Amongst the riot of color, creations in black and white can come across as soft and subtle but can be extremely enticing If you have not thought about this look for your business, then you should start now. Doing something different has always been a sure-fire way of catching the attention of others, and sometimes the color-less palate can be just as effective and beautiful as using vibrant colors. Many people have a concern that after remaining at home and fighting a pandemic, customers may not like this black and white approach, but that is not true.

Something subtle and peaceful has always resonated better

There is an ever-increasing number of Marketers, graphic designers, and even customers that are looking for something subtle and peaceful, which is possible with this use of a simple black and white color structure. The magical and almost hypnotic charm of an old black and white movie is still there and is influencing other areas of creation. Yes, a graphic designer is trained to work with colors and their different shades. It may seem like asking them to work with the color-less trend is not going to be easy. They may seem offended or think that their skills are not getting utilized fully That is not true, because the idyllic nature of this color-less trend is starting to influence the designers too.

The industry is experiencing a revolution

A competent and experienced graphic designer will tell you that working with an extended color palette is exciting, but getting to work with a black and white is similarly intriguing, if not more. People tend to think that the absence of color will make the design monotonous and dull, but the opposite is true. After watching the computer screen for hours, a muted, almost liquid-like shapes, shadows, simple animation make any design stand out, especially if it is not full of bright and bold colors. The use of a color-less palate can provide the opportunity and texture that is not possible by any other option. This new trend is revolutionizing the industry.

If you are looking for a reliable graphic design and printing company, let Inform Print be the right choice. With the best technology and resources in place, you can be assured to get the best quality of work delivered each and every time.