Top 5 Professional Business Card Design Rules to Follow According to Graphic Design Experts

A business card signifies the step towards making your small business dream a reality. For potential customers, it is also the first interaction they will have with your brand. Hence, make sure it is a professional and strong one. A thoughtfully designed business card does more than describing your brand. Not only does it make you look professional, but it also helps to build trust for customers. In fact, it sets your business apart from the competition. However, before you start handing over cards to everyone you meet, ask yourself:

  • What makes a business card?
  • How can you make it unique?
  • How would you want it to bring in more businesses?

The answer is by carefully considering the business information you incorporate and the way you present it.

Choose a template that matches your brand’s personality

Your business card speaks volumes about your brand. So be sure to pick a design that matches your brand’s persona. If in doubt, consider seeking professional assistance. Take a look at Inform Print’s website for further information.

Find the right font

If there is a specific font you have been using on your website or other marketing tools, include that in your business card. The font you choose must represent your brand, and it must be easy to read.

Settle on size and shape

The orientation of your business card influences text size and the amount of information you are allowed to include. Moreover, it makes a statement about your brand.

Most professional business cards are rectangular. Customers are familiar with this format, so it is a safe choice. However, if you want your brand to stand out, consider creating a square shape card featuring rounded corners or vertical orientation.

Organise the data

Your business card should include everything your customers need to contact you, locate your shop, and find you online. Add your business name, contact number, website & email address along with social media handles. Please make sure you add all of this information so customers can contact you in whatever way they feel most comfortable.

A business card is incomplete without the logo, the name, secondary information, including email addresses and phone numbers. You can always modify the visual flow by setting an element’s size, changing its location or adding extra white space.

Maximise your logo

Your business card is more than contact information. In fact, it is a representation of your brand. Therefore, before creating new business cards, you must consider two crucial design components: the finalized logo and the brand colours. These elements are the most significant parts of visual branding.

A business card is all about the logo. Consider dedicating one side of the card solely to your brand’s logo. As a visual symbol of your brand, it deserves a prominent place that will immediately grab the attention of your potential customers.

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