Four Professional Tips to Design Your Business Card

business cards design

You have only one chance to print an effective business card that can make a long-lasting impression. So why not improve your chance to impress the customers by spending time making a stylish and attractive looking business card?

At Inform Prints, our professional business card designs are simple yet powerful to rule the market, and they can make a long-lasting impression. Suppose you plan to make a professional business card from a professional designer. In that case, you should discuss your requirements, share your ideas and tips regarding how your business card will work.

Tips to Make a Business Card That Is Effective and Highly Engaging

If you are planning to make a business card for your business or want to revamp your existing card, here are some of the tips you should follow-


While doing a one-to-one meeting, your business card will be remembered for a short period after it is handed to the user. However, as the day passes by, the individual you have given the business card will not recall you or your business unless a personal note is mentioned on the card to memorize.
As mentioned, “a photograph is worth a thousand of words”. So, it is good to add a photograph to the business card, which will increase the value of your card and make others remember you easily and quickly.


The business card is used to tell others about your position in the business, your brand and most importantly, how to contact you. However, while you are printing the business cards, make sure to tell people what you want to share and what to hide. Share only the information that your business cares about and the rest should be shared online on social media platforms and through conversations.


There are various business cards design options you can choose from, and choosing the best one will make your company stand out in the crowd. Some of the trendiest designs of business cards include-

Printing on both sides of the card
Adding rounded corners
Using the card as the appointment reminder
Embossing card or applying foil

The experts suggest staying with the most common business card designs to go inside a standard cardholder. It will also match extra card embellishment choices available in the industry.


It is not necessary to add an entire resume on a business card. Your business card is like your elevator pitch, and it takes a few minutes for the person to think good or bad about your business by seeing the card. Most of the best designs of business cards have only required information on the cards, which is necessary for brands. Keep the cards simple with enough space to be easier to see at a glance.

Though people think business cards are made of plastic, they represent your business, its reputation and its important features. The key to making an appealing card for your business is to keep it simple, professional and suitable as per your business. Always consult with a professional team like Inform Prints to guide you throughout the printing procedures.

Exploring the Contents to Put Up In a Business Card

Business cards design

Indeed, a business card is a popular and essential communication tool used in networking and administration, even in the digital age. Having an extraordinary business card design gives authenticity to you and your business. Moreover, it is a fast and simple method for exchanging information and can offer ways of advancing your work. Mentioned below are a few important pieces of information that need to be put up on your business card.

ID and contact information

No matter how you decide to create the design of your business card, it should consist of the basics. All those beautiful designs and prints are of no use if there is no real information to identify the source. Think of this like a fantastic website that loads slowly. You will ignore it and move on to the next one.

There are a few essential elements that every business card should consist of:

  • Name and business name
  • The basic contact information like email address and phone number
  • Your designation
  • Address of your business or work location
  • Website URL of your business (if any)
  • A visual representation of your profession

Leave an extraordinary impression on your new connections by using an image that perfectly portrays what you do or your work on the card itself. Although it can be a little trickier for other professions, it is quite popular among creative professionals. Go for an image that’s sharp and easy to understand at a small size. Make sure that your card conveys the message you are trying to say.

Make it colourful

Make your business card stand out by using thick paper with a colour edge. Since most business cards will probably be on the thinner side and have a white edge, as most people do this to save a few bucks. A thicker card with a colour edge will create a lot more impact on your potential client and will be easier to find in those endless stacks of cards that get collected at a professional level.

A call to action or promo

Put up a call to action or promo code for a product or service you are offering. This will help in engaging your potential clients with your card. In addition, a tempting call to action or promo can at least drive some traffic to your website, so why not try it out?

Don’t overstuff

Do not overstuff your business card with too much information. This creates chaos and leaves a cheap impression on the recipient. Instead, eliminate unnecessary information from your card and instead leave some white space. It allows the card recipient to write down important information that they might need later.

Last but not the least

Don’t hesitate to go creative and make a great impression with a robust business card design that allows people to know who you are and what you care about. Using high-quality paper and printing techniques strengthens that impression.

If you are looking forward to getting a business card for yourself, then you can get in touch with the team of Inform Print. They are experts in the field and use cutting edge technology to design business cards.

Business Card: The First Impression Of Your Business

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A good first impression is critical for any relationship to flourish, be it a business relationship or one of a more personal nature. For business, a first impression immediately initiates a mental evaluation of the other party and the assessment of whether they suit your tastes or if they would be beneficial for your business. A good business card is the first step in establishing and creating that first impression. Thus, finding a good business card maker requires a careful evaluation of your needs and expectations and creating a framework for the kind of impression you seek to make.

The design of the card, its feel, texture, alignment, and information on offer are aspects that individual notices when receiving someone’s business card. Thus, these details are carefully evaluated and tailored to make the impression that you want. Of course, this doesn’t always succeed and depends on so many different factors as well as the character and nature of the other party. Nevertheless, it is a statement of intent and a portrayal of yourself and what your business stands for.

Here are a few things to note when designing your business card:

  • Finding a template that best describes your organization: Your business card is an extension of yourself and your business. As such, it is meant to give the recipient an idea of the person you are and what kind of business relationship and services they can expect from you.
  • Settle on a perfect size, shape, and texture: The size, shape and texture are optimized and customized to reflect your business etiquette, type of services, attention to detail, and other such traits. It highlights your attention to detail and is meant to convey to the recipient your taste and nature of business conduct,
  • Organize your information: Ultimately, your business is conveying your services. Therefore, the information on it has to relay the type of service you provide, the nature of the product you’re introducing to the recipient, and lastly, your contact details. This information should be easy to read and yet cover all the bases.
  • Finding the right typeface: If you use a particular font or style on your marketing details or your website or app, this should be used on your business card.
  • Maximize your logo: A logo represents your brand. It is the face and represents all that you care about. Hence, a portion of your card should be dedicated to your logo.
  • Make sure it is not cluttered, and the space is not overused: A cluttered card is no different from an advert. This should not be the case. Be precise as to the information provided.
  • Offer something additional: This can encourage clients to take the next step. A special offer, a business trip, or even a discount can be considered.
  • Check thoroughly before initiating printing: This is mandatory to avoid misrepresenting yourself or appearing sloppy in front of your clients.

At Informprint, we place a high priority on catering to our client’s needs, no matter the detailing involved. For over two decades, this has helped us expand our services to include business stationery and promotional products. We manage projects that require the coordination of many different facets relating to printing and storage distribution. We provide an array of services to provide an overall service for our clients. Contact us now to allow us to cater to all your printing needs.

Expert Tips On Business Card Design Tips

Exchanging business cards is an age-old tradition. Even in the digital era, business cards are an excellent way of spreading the word about your business. In a nutshell, your business card is what can make or break your great first impression. 

At Inform Print, we have worked with a myriad of clients. Therefore, it suffices to say that being a professional business card maker, we know one or two things about how to design an effective business card. In case you are wondering, what an ideal business card should look like, you have come to the right place. 

What should you include on your card?

While some things are optional, there are some basic things that you cannot forget to mention in your business card. 

Your name: if you do not include your name on the card, how do you think people will know how to address you when they contact you?

  • The logo or business name: Your business card must contain your business name or its logo.
  • A tagline: Let recipients know what your business’s core idea is. Make sure you keep it short. 
  • Your contact info: This is because people want to connect with you. Mention your email address, your phone number, and your business address. 
  • Your social media information: Social media happens to be the biggest networking platform and for good reasons. People can easily and instantly connect with you on social media at any time. So mention your social media profile links on the card. 
  • Your website: Mentioning your website address on your business card is important as you want people to find your products and services online. 

Choosing the right font is imperative 

If you consider your business cards a chance to make a connection with potential clients, you will know how important it is for your business card to be eye-catchy. However, it is a fact that lots of your cards might wind up thrown out in the trash. So then, how do you make sure people hold on to your business cars and contact you when they need your services? The trick lies in using the right fonts for your business card. The right choices of fonts cannot be overstated. The font is what really drives your message away.   

While there are thousands of choices on the internet, most professional business cards use fonts in the Arial, Courier New family, or Calibri. Therefore, you may want to steer clear of Comic Sans and cartoony fonts unless you are going for a whimsical look. 

A great card design matters 

Whether you are looking to rebrand an existing business or launch a new company, you want to make sure your business card design looks professional. Let Inform Print help you design a business card to encourage thoughtful branding that helps ensure you and your brand.

Importance of Business Cards in the digital world

Business Card Maker

Business cards want to be the sole thanks to sharing contact detail before the emergence of the digital world. But the days have changed. There are several digital resources to remain connected and share with your prospects.

We don’t deny the very fact that digital tools like content management systems, email marketing platforms, smartphones, or social media have made life more organized and connected. Yet, a well-crafted card design is often a strong tool to network or promote your business person to person.

Whether it’s your best inexpensive card or the common one, business card makers are the most accurate and fastest tool for exchanging information and establishing a connection when it involves physical interaction.

Are you continued to not convince that the visiting cards are relevant to staying connected? Then, allow us to delve deeper into why business cards are still appropriate during this digital era.

Make Real Connection at Point of Contact with Business Cards

The visiting cards have always been typical in small business networking. It’s the primary tangible impression of your company or brand. Therefore, exchanging contact information and another detail face-to-face is considered more professional and powerful than any Smartphone.

Whether business cards are cheap or free, you’ll even turn an inexpensive card into a highly engaging marketing tool. A good card printing service is that the key to your successful business. We will make your card design alluring with our range of perfect custom design templates. It also includes premium cardstock, recycled paper stock, and attractive finishes if you’ve got creativity.

Create a Solid Impression at Your First Meeting

You can do tons more together with your card than simply sharing the contact info or personal detail. Once you choose the proper color balance, great finishes like metallic, spot UV, gloss, chump, or matte die-cut finishes, and premium card stock quality for your visiting cards, you create a solid first impression for your business.

A good card does what you would like to present to your clients. But, unfortunately, the email or digital tools don’t offer the private vibe you can only understand once you meet and fork over the cardboard face to face.

Look Genuine and Professional with Business Cards

Only the reputed businesses win the trust of the people. Are you able to approach people together with your thoughts and concepts through the mail, and albeit you, does one think that your mail will be read? There’s little or no chance of getting a click on your mail if you send it without referring to the prospect. Half your work is completed once you fork over a card because it creates a subtle impression about you and your business.

When you provide a well-written unique card, it shows your prospect how you treat your business, your seriousness towards it, and therefore the authenticity of your business. As a result, people get an assurance that they’re going to be treated well. Therefore, nothing else can beat the likes and benefits of handing out a calling card face to face.

Inform Print offer the very best level of service to our clients without compromising on quality and take care of an easy-to-deal-with infrastructure that gives a comprehensive range of cost-effective products and services.

Top 5 Professional Business Card Design Rules to Follow According to Graphic Design Experts

A business card signifies the step towards making your small business dream a reality. For potential customers, it is also the first interaction they will have with your brand. Hence, make sure it is a professional and strong one. A thoughtfully designed business card does more than describing your brand. Not only does it make you look professional, but it also helps to build trust for customers. In fact, it sets your business apart from the competition. However, before you start handing over cards to everyone you meet, ask yourself:

  • What makes a business card?
  • How can you make it unique?
  • How would you want it to bring in more businesses?

The answer is by carefully considering the business information you incorporate and the way you present it.

Choose a template that matches your brand’s personality

Your business card speaks volumes about your brand. So be sure to pick a design that matches your brand’s persona. If in doubt, consider seeking professional assistance. Take a look at Inform Print’s website for further information.

Find the right font

If there is a specific font you have been using on your website or other marketing tools, include that in your business card. The font you choose must represent your brand, and it must be easy to read.

Settle on size and shape

The orientation of your business card influences text size and the amount of information you are allowed to include. Moreover, it makes a statement about your brand.

Most professional business cards are rectangular. Customers are familiar with this format, so it is a safe choice. However, if you want your brand to stand out, consider creating a square shape card featuring rounded corners or vertical orientation.

Organise the data

Your business card should include everything your customers need to contact you, locate your shop, and find you online. Add your business name, contact number, website & email address along with social media handles. Please make sure you add all of this information so customers can contact you in whatever way they feel most comfortable.

A business card is incomplete without the logo, the name, secondary information, including email addresses and phone numbers. You can always modify the visual flow by setting an element’s size, changing its location or adding extra white space.

Maximise your logo

Your business card is more than contact information. In fact, it is a representation of your brand. Therefore, before creating new business cards, you must consider two crucial design components: the finalized logo and the brand colours. These elements are the most significant parts of visual branding.

A business card is all about the logo. Consider dedicating one side of the card solely to your brand’s logo. As a visual symbol of your brand, it deserves a prominent place that will immediately grab the attention of your potential customers.

Inform Print is a leading graphic and logo design company, aiming to focus solely on customers’ graphic design needs. Call us today, if you are looking for best-in-class business card design solutions at an affordable price.

Three Major Advantages of Using Business Cards Printing Services for Your Brand

Business Cards Printing

In this digital world, one might think that business cards are no more in use. However, that is certainly not the case, as business cards can still strengthen your business networking. Brand owners opt for business cards printing services as the cards facilitate and encourage people to contact the business successfully. Unlike business cards, business cards are developed for tender business purposes, such as asking someone to visit you or contact you in person. The business cards contain details about you and your company’s basics that give people an idea about your brand. To help you understand better, three major advantages of using business cards are as follows.

Easy to Distribute and Display Your Brand

The business cards mainly focus on your details such as your email, phone number, address and basic information about your brand. It is impossible to provide your contact details to a person without a hard copy of it. They might forget the name or the address you might have probably mentioned in your last meeting or call. The card assimilates the details in one place. You can hand it out to people you wish to see again for official purposes. People find it easier to contact you with the help of your card. They either email you, call you or drop by your office to discuss business. Ensure that all your details mentioned on the business cards are correct and that you have approved of it.

Act as a tangible reminder 

Business cards are the physical reminder of your brand that reminds others of your business identity. The cards are constant and are far more visible than email or online details. When you leave a business card with people, they will surely try to pull out all the details about your brand. If they find your brand appealing, then they will visit you and continue with the business. Besides that, business cards are great for setting appointments as well. If people wish to meet you during office hours, they can do so if you have left your business card with them. This also gives you an idea that they might drop by to meet you.

Easy to Carry

Another significant advantage of getting yourself business cards is that they are easy to carry. While you leave for a conference meeting or other official outings, you can carry some of the cards without any difficulty. You might meet someone perfect for your business purposes, and to seize the opportunity, you can provide them with your visiting card. This showcases your professionalism and makes them aware of your brand identity.

These are the three main advantages why you should hire services for printing visiting cards for your brand. If you need help with printing business cards for business, then you should choose the services of Inform Prints and their team of experts. They take care of your requirements and meet all your printing purposes at the end of the day.